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Welcome to Resurrection Lutheran Church

"Come Alive In Christ!"

Our Mission

At Resurrection Lutheran Church our mission is to help people know Jesus Christ NOW by utilizing our Nuture Outreach Worship method. As well as focusing on our core values of Compassion, Hospitality, Rejoicing, Integrity, Serving, and Teaching.



Our Vision

We strive to be a place that spreads the Good News of Jesus to those who are far from God. We strive to be a place that helps all people know Jesus Christ, including the young generation, the middle generation, and the senior generation. We strive to be a place that helps people grow in love and care for others.



Season of Lent

"Jesus is uninterchangeable. This fact is borne in upon us ever more profoundly in our Lenten discipleship. All through the Gospels we know that Jesus is moving toward Calvary. John proclaimed Him the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus identifies with sinners and is baptized. He is proclaimed Son of God and is tested by the devil's temptations. Jesus holds to being man for us and rejects any use of His power for proving He is God. The shadow of the cross is there all the time. The Gospels do not allow the cross to be thought of as a thing of chance. Jesus moves steadily toward it. The Gospels have been called accounts of Jesus' passion with a preface. He is what He is only as the crucified. There is only one Calvary in all the world, only one Christ crucified."
-Dr. Norman Nagel: "Love vs. Lust" (Valparaiso University-1969), Selected Sermons of Norman Nagel.


Ever Wonder? Worry? Wander?

The truth is, of course you do. We all do! It's a shattered world in which we live (battered by sin and littered with wickedness, violence, injustice, and deception). The bad news is that you're only human, and you're probably no stranger to hurt, loss, exclusion, and depression. You've encountered a multitude of problems and too few solutions. You've seen sleepless nights, restless days, and a whole lot of confusion. But the good news is, you're not alone. If you've got questions, God's got answers! There is comfort in the Lord, and hope in His Word, which holds the key to life's worries and the cure for all hurt. Rest assured, your Lord is near. So please wonder no longer; you need wander no further. His Word is heard here, if you're willing to hear...
Love & Peace! -Pastor Steve

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